What Does ICLAC Do?

ICLAC was formed in 2012 to make cell line misidentification more visible and to promote awareness and authentication testing as effective ways to combat it.

The group came together after publication of an ANSI Standard (ANSI/ATCC ASN-0002-2011), setting out best practice for authentication testing of human cell lines. It maintains a register of cross-contaminated or otherwise misidentified cell lines and a website of resources for authentication testing.

The ICLAC Register of Misidentified Cell Lines lists more than 400 known false cell lines, arising from the work of laboratories and cell line repositories worldwide.

More information about ICLAC and its goals can be found in its Terms of Reference here.

ICLAC members have a long track record in uncovering false cell lines and expertise in authentication testing and database applications. Members act in a voluntary capacity and meet every 2-3 months by teleconference.

A list of members and their affiliations can be found here.

Organizations have provided support to ICLAC since inception in a number of ways, including administrative support; website resources; sourcing of cell line samples; and sample testing. Organizations have also enabled staff to contribute their time as ICLAC members.

A list of Partner Organizations can be found here.