How can you Help?

Everyone who does cell culture can help by sharing data or raising awareness about cell culture problems and the need for good cell culture practice.

Do you have Data?

Sometimes a cell line is potentially misidentified, but we feel there is still room for doubt. For example, we may conclude that more samples need to be tested to look for authentic stock.

For those cell lines, we are asking if you have more data – publications we have not seen, or unpublished data that you are willing to share with us on a confidential basis.

Cell lines are listed in our More Data Needed page.

Tell Us What You Think

ICLAC has a survey for scientists who use cell lines or biosamples in their research.

Our Resources for Authentication Testing Survey can be found here:

If you authenticate your cell lines – either yourself, or by sending samples to a core facility or external testing service – your experience can help us plan for the future.

But whether you authenticate your samples or not, all scientists are encouraged to complete the survey to give ICLAC an understanding of what you test, how you test, and identify the critical obstacles that hinder testing.

The goal of this survey is to identify solutions to make authentication accessible to our entire community.

Participate, #authenticate

The Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI) has launched the #authenticate campaign to raise awareness regarding the importance of cell line authentication.

Cell lines are authenticated to confirm their identity, ensuring that they come from the correct species and match other samples from the same individual.  Testing helps to ensure that cell lines are good models for research across the life sciences.

To find out more, visit our #authenticate page or visit the GBSI website.