ICLAC Register of Misidentified Cell Lines: Version 10 Released

Version 10 of the ICLAC Register of Misidentified Cell Lines was released on 25 March 2020.

Release notes are available on the Archive page, along with all versions of the Register since it was first published in 2009.

The latest version of the Register lists 552 cell lines.

509 cell lines are misidentified with no known authentic stock, and are listed in Table 1 of the Register.

43 cell lines were initially thought to be misidentified but authentic stock has since been found. These cell lines are listed separately in Table 2.

New reports of problematic cell lines continue to be published, making the Register a work in progress for all involved.

If you have data to suggest that a cell line is misidentified, please let us know using the Contact Us page or the email address at the top of the website.

If you believe that a cell line listed in the Register is not misidentified, please let us know about this also.

We will do our best to investigate all reports and make a decision, based on available data, as to whether the cell line is misidentified and whether there is evidence for authentic stock.

We are grateful to the ICLAC members who review each entry and many other colleagues who answer questions or provide data at our request.

Misidentified cell lines are a concern for many scientists in the research community and we appreciate everyone’s efforts in collaboration.